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Birds of Gosport

A collection of photographs taken over three years:
2008 ~ 2010

Cover image: Birds of Gosport


I have always admired bird photograpers, but it is an aspect of photography that I have not tried myself until 2007, shortly after moving to the little town of Gosport, mid-way along England's south coast.

Birds are fascinating creatures, but notoriously difficult to photograph. When disturbed, they can escape in three dimensions while we are stuck with our feet firmly planted in two. This just adds to the challenge, and to the sense of satisfaction that one gets on the rare occasions when everything goes right.

Most of the photos in these books were taken on my daily "exercise" walks around a five-mile circuit of footpaths and waterways in Gosport. The range of “garden”, fresh water and tidal water habitats found within a relatively small area make it an ideal location for me. I am one of life's pedestrians, and one who far prefers "walkabout" to "sit-and-wait" photography.

During my walks I see the local paths, verges, parkland, lakes, creeks and harbour in all weather conditions. With the rising and the falling of the tides, and with a different set of birds every day, there is always something new and interesting to look at. For the photographer, the nature enthusiast or just the person out enjoying a walk in the fresh air, what more could you ask?

Paul Chesterfield, ARPS, DPAGB.

Large Format Landscape: 13×11 inches, 33×28 centimeters. 392 pages.


Birds of Gosport - inside pages


Birds of Gosport - inside pages


Birds of Gosport - inside pages

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