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The Butterfly World!

The Butterfly World!
The Butterfly World!
The Butterfly World!
The Butterfly World!

A place where all are welcome to come and discuss breeding
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All species, all regions FROM AROUND our planet...

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From: Glenn Baines
Subject: [wwbbf] Learning from Nigel

Well Nigel, you won’t be surprised to know that I for one, have gleaned much from your detailed posts when you answer questions from newbie’s and oldies alike, covering many perspectives of raising the creatures that we’ve come to love. It’s clear that your extensive knowledge and inquisitive nature, leads you to do all of the practical experiences with so many species of butterflies. That’s amazing and surely appreciated by all of us butterfly breeders.

And based on things I’ve learned here, (and then adjusted for our farm), I’ve continually been improving and updating our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for raising butterflies. And we’re seeing the results in operational efficiencies that make it easier to raise butterflies, saving time, and increasing butterfly production. We find it important to document our procedures, so that all persons involved with all aspects of production, are working together and using the same methods for each of the processes required to raise healthy butterflies.

Thanks for being on line and available for us!


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