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For members of the WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List & World-Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum  (WWBBF)


These tips also apply to Butterfly Boutique Desktop Workshops. Please check workshop email footers for posting and forum addresses for your workshop.

Butterfly Boutique Discussion Lists Policy
Receiving the list (& missing messages)
Posting to the list
Group web page (Forum, Archive, Settings)
Useful Google Links
Further Help

List Owners


Our lists are private email discussion lists and are held on Google Groups. You must be a member of a group to participate. Both groups are free to join. (See HERE.)

Members can communicate with the group by email or by using the group's forum web page. All messages posted to the group by either means are automatically forwarded to all other members of the group.

Butterfly Boutique Discussion Lists Policy

Please see the Butterfly Boutique Lists Policy HERE. You must agree to abide by this policy when you join.

Receiving messages from the group

All messages posted to the group are forwarded to your subscribed email address, unless you have turned off email delivery.

There are several options for email delivery - see "To change your list delivery options" below. Alternatively you can read and reply to group messages in the forum/message archive on the group's web page.

Missing messages

If you are not receiving the list, or if you believe you are only receiving some of the posted messages, log on to the group's web page (see below) and compare your received messages with the full message archive held there.

If some list messages are indeed missing, please check in any spam or junk mail folders in your mail program or on your mail server (browser/webmail). If any list messages are trapped there, you may be able to "train" the filters that list mail is legitimate.

If no list messages are getting through, are you checking your subscribed email account? The list will only be sent to that address.

Please check your list options (see instructions below). Email delivery might have been switched off, either by you (e.g., if you have been on vacation) or by the Google systems registering too many bounced (undeliverable) messages. Mail bounces are often caused by a full mailbox on your mail server. Check whether yours has reached its limit.

If you have another email address with a different mail service, (Gmail,, etc.,) it might be worth trying that. Different mail services will probably use different filtering rules, and what one service blocks another may let through. Instructions for changing your subscribed address are given below.

If all else fails, or if you need help with any of the above, please contact the group owner.


The list will only be sent to your subscribed email address. Instructions for changing your subscribed address are given below.

All list messages have the text [WWBBF] or [wwbb-basic] added at the start of the Subject line. This can help you to identify list mail. You can also use it to set up a Mail Rule in your mail program, e.g.: "if Subject contains "[WWBBF]" then move to <folder name>. This can be a useful way to prevent your Inbox from becoming clogged, by automatically moving list mail to its own folder as it arrives.

Posting to the group

To post to this group by email, send your email to
WWBBF:; or
WWBB Basic:

You must be subscribed to a group to be able to post, and you can only post from your subscribed address. Google will ignore any emails received from an unrecognised address.


If you are replying to a message, please delete the old footer text. Footer text is automatically added to every message posted, and if old text is not deleted it will just duplicate and build up.

Using "Reply" is an easy way to create a new email to the group. However, if your topic is different from the one that you are replying to, please change the Subject line to match the new topic. This will make it easier for people to find and follow your new discussion and will not confuse followers of the original discussion.

If you receive the list as a Daily Summary or Combined Update (see List Delivery Options below) and wish to reply to a particular message, please copy the topic title (Subject) into the subject line of your reply. Also please remember to delete anything not related to the item that you are replying to.

Group web page

The group's web page on Google Groups contains the Forum/Message Archive, plus your group settings where you can change your displayed name, subscribed email address or mail delivery method.

Visit your group at
WWBBF:!forum/wwbbf; or

- Please note: You must be logged in to your Google account to visit a group web page.


As this is a private group, you must be logged in to your Google account to visit this web page. If you have more than one Google account, it must be the one associated with the email address that you are using for the group. If your subscribed email address in not associated with a Google account, you can create a new account or add it to an existing one (See Useful Links immediately below.).

Useful Google Links

Create a Google account:

Add a new email address to an existing Google account
- follow the instructions here:

Forgotten your Google password?

Changing your subscribed email address or list delivery options

  • Log in to the group's web page (see above)
  • Click on the [My Settings] icon at top right (looks like a head-and-shoulders + cog-wheel)
  • Click on "Membership and email settings"

  • To add or change your displayed name:
    It is helpful to others if you add your real name, otherwise Google defaults to displaying your email address.
    • To add or change your displayed name, click on "edit" under "My display name:" at the top.

  • To change your email address:
    • On the line "Use <your email address> for this group with the following settings", click on your email address. This will drop a list of available addresses associated with the same Google account. Click the one that you want to use.
      • If your preferred address is not listed, you will need to add it to your account (see above).
      • If you try to add your new address but are told that it is already linked to a different Google account, please contact the group owner . It may be necessary to unsubscribe your first address and then subscribe you again using the new one.

  • To change your list delivery options:
    • Below your email address it will indicate your current list delivery method. Click on this for more options. The options are:
      • Send me an email for every new message (the default setting for new members).
      • Don't send email updates (use this if you prefer to read messages on the forum page; also useful if you are going away - but don't forget to turn delivery back on when you return!).
      • Send daily summaries (one email per day, summarising all messages received during the previous 24 hours. Log in to the group web page (see above) to read the full messages).
      • Send combined updates (25 messages combined in one email).


To unsubscribe from a group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email from your subscribed address, to:
WWBBF:; or
WWBB Basic:


If you have any questions or problems concerning this list, please contact the Group Owner.

Group Owner

To contact a Group Owner, please send email to:

WWBB Basic:



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