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Below are some suggested links to suppliers and vendors of butterfly breeding merchandise. Please let us know of any broken or outdated links.

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Butterfly Raising Equipment & Supplies

The suppliers below carry a variety of specialized equipment
and supplies in one location:
  • Butterfly Farming Supplies - Judi Sunshine

    ▫  Specialty items designed with the professional butterfly farmer in mind. Organza release boxes, pupae shippers, mini-microscopes, glassine envelopes, vivarium sleeves and netted, Pop-Up Cages for butterfly farmers. 

Pop Up Cages

Butterfly Nets & Traps

Envelopes, Shipping Boxes, Cups and Container Suppliers

  • FLOSpac:
    Sam Hoesing

    Hardgoods Procurement Specialist
    Florist Distributing, Inc.
    Des Moines, IA
    Phone - (515) 243-5228
    Fax - (515) 282-9241


(details to follow)

Non-sprayed plants (milkweed and other) and seeds

  • The Growers Exchange
    1-888-829-6201 M-F, 9AM-4PM EST

    Briscoe of The Growers Exchange says:
    "We have the annual Asclepias Silky Mix. Planted here, it always attracts Monarchs. The plants will flower early, but the caterpillars usually eat all the leaves by late summer. So to have lots of caterpillars, your plants will end looking well chewed. A. tuberosa is the perennial native version and also attracts Monarchs. The choice between annual and perennial Asclepias would mainly be about which works better in your garden."

  • Georgia Vines

    See also external
    for Passion Vines.

Wholesale Larvae Raising Kits

Artificial Diets for Larvae

link to dazzleflyz.comButterfly Accessories

Other Vendors/Equipment

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