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Produced by Grace Venters

We found it hard to find a good video of a good butterfly release on the web, but more importantly, many of our customers, wanted to see a release that we had done ourselves, and not a remote video from someone else’s release, from the US for example.

This got us thinking! We have always had a number of kind folk, who after the release at their wedding, send us photos of the event, and a few of these photos have been quite special.

One series of photos that we received shows a pairing of Gulf Fritillary Butterflies (Agraulis vanillae) that occurred on the bridegroom's arm during the ceremony! The female landed high up on the bridegroom's arm after release, and during the ceremony several males flew in circles around the Bride and Groom. This kept the guests spellbound as the males fought each other off, and eventually a male managed to pair with the female, which was still on the groom’s arm. This of course was seen as a good omen to the start of the marriage!!!

So back to the videos, hard to get a good one, so we thought we would produce our own. Most wedding videos (of course) concentrate on the bride and groom, so Gracie [Grace Venters] hired actors, and extras to make her own release video! (Even the priest was a fake!) This was not cheap, as she also hired a professional video company, and an upmarket location, using several videos to take film of the event.

This was some weeks ago, and now we have the results. It was the best we could do with what we had, but in our opinion these videos are a lot better than anything else we have found on the web.

(Apologies to English speakers, but the text is in Spanish.)


Nigel Venters

Videos (on YouTube):

Wedding: http://youtu.be/2bYRpEJyPMs

QUINCE AÑOS: http://youtu.be/wU6t3QimwCk

Mujer Córdoba: http://youtu.be/1UTalf_va5U


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